World in flames

The smell of fire is here
There's nowhere to hide
or pretend it doesn't exist
Dozens of flames are
dancing around the globe
Seemingly remote and lacking
immediate significance
to those at a distance

The ones in the middle
of the inferno
scream and fight,
crying out for help in despair
Faces pressed against
the glass of indifference
Eyes awash with pain of loss
Quivering lips
Clutching fingers

Words can be heard
If only we listened
weren't sickly used to
ignoring the screams,
muffle disturbing sound,
close eyes and minds
to nightmares
that came to stay
All in the insane hope
of avoiding similar fate

The ground shudders in pain
absorbing streaming
tears and blood
every day

Choking helplessness
prompts the thought:
Are we destined to the final realization:
'All hope abandon,
ye who enter here...'


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