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Nowhere to run
World's too small
Time - short
Out of breath
Behind stars


Like dinosaurs watching the asteroid hit the Earth, helpless to comprehend or prevent the inevitable, we live in our small worlds until the unspeakable happens destroying life as we know it.
And what left is - just to watch in quite desperation what unveils next, wiping away surroundings, getting closer and closer, with the hot breath on our lips, until the last glimpse of light will fade dragging away memories, consciousness, the self...

Evasive tomorrow

Life won't ever be the same from this day forth. 
No matter how far we'll go without looking back. It's not even over yet. The crashing change that makes you see the darker side once again when you thought these times are far behind.
You can't turn your back yet. It lingers in the shadows with uncertain promises and cold reality freezing your mind that races endlessly from the point to point in time - back and forth - from before to after.
 'The way it used to be' isn't happening, it's long gone, left behind the rubble of the past to only be revisited in memories.
 Pain and sorrow haven't yet sunk in deep enough. 
It'll all come later, the true realization of the scale of this loss, 
it'll take your breath away, filling the heart with unbearable struggle 
to answer one crucial question - Why?
Like fragile steps on the sand washed away with an afternoon tide, 
life itself seems so small and insignificant. 
Evening sun on an empty shore in cau…

March 15, 2011, Tokyo

In the pitch of night, speeding further away
Blurry images melt and merge
To create an elaborate patchwork and stay
Long after they seize to surge

Chasing crazy wind, on the edge of nerves
Exhausted with dangerous path
With uncertain dreams of the times to come 
Where the day at a time is enough