Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Does everything lose its colour and taste with time, fades into oblivion where no one remembers a thing...
How such vibrant shades can stop to excite, dulling deep, invigorating sounds into a blend...
Do all the dreams and wishes at some point covering all of our horizon disintegrate leaving us wondering if they were even real...
Year after year comes and goes, in a long line of events, like a flash of light that shines for a while and disappears washed away by sudden rain.
Who will hold your hand in a moment that matters the most and won't let go...
And more importantly, who will be able to answer all these questions?..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

End of the year

When maples cry with scarlet leaves tearing through the skies of especially deep blue, final autumn days are trapped in streaming water carrying them away until the next year.
Cold breath lingering in the air is not ready to fade, let go of hope.
Pine trees gather in circles hiding delicate fingers in clouds and shivering.
Streets are awash with brittle leaves rustling gently under your feet,
whispering to each other in colorful voices...
And the sun looks you straight in the eye like an honest friend
delivering a painful truth.
It must be the time then.
It feels like going to sleep.
It feels like a dream to wake up from only in spring and be surprised
again and again by the timeless circle of life.