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Where are the milder days, softer undertones of pastel pallette 
Subtle colors and lights, lukewarm temperatures of spring and fall
Easing you in a new day, season, clothing
Slowly fading heat of the summer, lazily turning scarlet leaves
Misty fog of wearing off winter visible through the eyelashes
Drop by drop melting icicles 
The very first grass reluctantly appearing from under the snow 
Streaming facets of time with the million of reflections 
Rolling away, cautious and unhurried 
The world moving in a slow motion 
As it used to be
Long time ago


Life is a torment.
Enjoy the moments when it lets you breathe before stamping on your throat to see how much more you can take. Playing 'catch & release' until it's time to go. 
Moments is all we have, rare and precious and easy to forget while struggling to keep afloat in a current that seems determined to drag you down into the black depth without the beginning or end.
The sun rays touching your skin on a first spring day... The wind wrapping your wounds in soft layers of clouds... The touch, soft and familiar that won't ever let go...