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Taking an early morning or evening train may plunge you suddenly into another dimension. The world is too blurry for sleepy eyes and things are happening.   All the little stations that few trains ever stop at during the day and that seem to grow like mushrooms in early hours are piling up a long obstacle course on the way to your destination.  Rising and falling, they make this pitiful string of coaches arch and climb over with the fussiness and precision of a hungry caterpillar looking for the next dish. Treading very slowly, the train will rock you gently in your seat (rare luxury that you traded your precious time for), yawning at every stop, watching lazily with hidden envy passing expresses, while you are sitting back looking for another way to kill time that is in such desperate shortage but is nevertheless convertible into the relative space and quiet. 
Strange thoughts are hovering in the brain prompting immediate response in various forms. Music on the background gives the whole…