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World is too crowded.
You notice it when it starts to make you claustrophobic even in the wilderness.
It leans on you with all the people, buildings, vehicles and endless excessive noise depriving you of the minimal personal space that is just yours.
Everything and everyone seem to be carelessly infringing on it at all hours of the day and night.
Too many, too much...
Getaways from it are through and back the same thick layer you need to squeeze in in order to briefly escape and then soon return so they seem more and more unreachably illusional in its temporal status that only enhances the feeling of being forcibly trapped in the world that is too close to breathe.
You start to run and hide in the corners of yourself.
More often than not. To live with the sense of being watched and heard you learn to speak to yourself quietly inverting all your being, keeping eyes only on necessary. 
Sometimes you'd stop to notice the change in season, distractive colors, the sky that is ever more…