The darker side

Evil exists. 
It takes different forms, shapes, being nice and smiles at you. It pulls the strings to see you dance, until your little feet bleed and your heart is begging for mercy.
Evil enjoys torture. It's all the part of fun. Deranged, demented, horribly sick fun.
It is here, around, screeching and laughing loudly out of turn. You can feel its breathing, sometimes so close that you want to scream with this raw, animal cry of primal fear. 
At times you get this inspiration to fight it to the bitter end, face to face, weapon to weapon. But it hides and waits until you are at your weakest and stabs you, as expected, in the back. And watches you lie there fighting for breath, struggling to move, stand up, crawl away and lick your wounds.
It's the darkest of times, when evil thinks it has won or can win. Hopelessness clouds the sky and hot wind throws burnt leaves in your face. The rupture is so close you can hear the steps with every heartbeat. Louder and louder, like bells in the tower warning about danger. The hissing sound peeling your ears, the blackening of the sky, silent birds...  
And a very distant whisper of hope, light, peace where evil melts in agony and fades away. At least for a moment. And this moment is worth living.    

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