Beauty is illusive. 
Sometimes you need to look for it using all your powers of observation. At times it is unexpectedly striking and edgy, taking your breath away, almost painful to look at. 
It's baffling and surprisingly disturbing, leaving long traces of contradicting emotions on its wake. 
On other days it's simple, soft and mellow like an afternoon light on a shortest winter day reassuring you of spring coming eventually and giving you patience to trust and wait. Like pages from an old letter of a dear friend you haven't seen in years, cosy and comforting in its permanent presence. 

One thing is certain - it's out there, obvious to the eye or hiding in shadows. 
Looking for it is always a discovery of something new that escapes superficial glances. 
The inner light it gives to all shapes and colors of all things that surround us. It's like finding something to warm your heart in the darkest of moments, something to hold on to, like a life preserver, cherish its delicacy and variability that doesn't seize to amaze.


  1. Thank you for this! Liked it to the last drop. In my darkest moments beauty of nature always saved me.

    1. It's a big part of my life too. I think it's important to hold on to something pure.
      'Beauty will save the world' F.Dostoyevsky

  2. Very beautiful para. Its like all the emotions are displayed at the sight of beauty :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and your words.

  3. So true ! - The illusion of "beauty" is always a matter of the creativity of the observer. Some stay blind for a lifetime. ;)


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