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You are walking in my steps, ahead of me every time.  Before my longing to be there is turning into reality, with all the anticipation and planning, the moment passes me, snatched away, reminding that I missed you one more time, chances flying around, melting in the air.
Parallel worlds exist. We have been walking the same city streets in various parts of the world, at times too close for a chance meeting, not knowing the meaning of it, if there was any. Almost but not happening, teasing and luring with what ifs.
You opened my eyes on things that'd remained illusive like yourself.  I'm wandering in my life and in my dreams.  World is just a TV screen and I'm willingly switching channels looking for you, in a hope that one day the timing will be perfect and I'll smile at nailing the chance to the ground, keeping this colorful butterfly in my hand to whatever end.

March / Waking up

Rain is descending in a slow motion, twisting and rescaling the time frame. 
Straight lines tilt and subside into the ground. 
Sky and earth connected with resizable water strings are playing whispering tune, distracted only by the murmuring tires of passing cars. 
Lights sliding from the slippery surface of the road disappear into the dark. 
Just a touch of spring, a whiff, raising waves within, waking up sleeping ghosts, rattling windows with gusts of moist wind, uncovering new hopes under the dead leaves of time.
Tired eyelids are trembling, still reactant to let the world in, shielded with torn dreams melting away layer after layer.


World is walking on the edge of an abyss, knowingly or not, sliding inch after inch, stumbling or dancing away attention glued to irrelevant, giant force consuming from within.
I still want to see what it used to be, before the distorted reality took over and mangled the past.
I wish I could bring back the best and discard the worst.
It's painful to watch people leave, sit at the back and wait for another incarnation to happen.
The world is more foreign every day, just a distant speck on a dark sky.
There's no home. Just a temporary shelter to catch breath in and keep going, until the road ends and carnivorous abyss eats the last in a hungry frenzy.
When blind lead the blind, the only beacon is your consciousness that won't let you dream in times of darkness, however colorfully dressed to disguise the hollow shell.