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Times and places

There is an old saying: we cannot step into the same river twice.  It seems so true even for the places we are connected with in a million ways and moments.  You can live your life for years, get to know every little detail of the place, virtually every stone under your feet. And then you move away (even if not too far), make another place your home.  Unexpectedly thrown back you are suddenly lost, standing in the middle disoriented and confused. It looks familiar and yet so very distant and different. Memories are still there to hold your hand and guide you back step by step like a child learning to walk but it's never the same.  It feels like it all happened in another lifetime. It's tucked away so deep that peeling off layers takes extra time and effort. Remembering  how it used to be. Confusion is a strange mix of deja vu and nostalgia, drawing you back and at the same time forcing to be cautious in this new old land where things has changed quite a bit when you weren'…