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There is this moment in life that comes on occasion like a wondering comet. You may or may not notice its approach, you might only catch the glimpse of its tail. It's not always clear what it means but it certainly brings an incredible change. Things are never going to be the same.
It's a given.
You may miss it being engrossed in million other things life keeps throwing your way when all you really want is a year long vacation. This rush makes you deaf and blind to the world outside the immediate spec. And it's nothing worse than opportunity passing you by just because you didn't hear the knocking. Too tired to react in timely manner, too preoccupied with things that won't matter in a larger scheme but still require to be done.
There's an incredibly strange feeling that something is racking your world from inside, burrowing tunnels through your sleepy consciousness,  lighting the fire and starting another major reconstruction. You can be a willing participant o…


You wake up in the middle of the night from a sudden jolt.
Struggling to recognize the surroundings and assess the danger you realize it's quiet and peaceful with deem lights and usual little noises of the night.
Until the new jolt. And the frightening truth is that it comes from within.
Something sinister is creeping quietly into your soul looking for shadows to hide. Like a cold snake sneaking away under the stone. The touch of a slippery cold being climbing in is incredibly real or it just seems so in a twilight of dream and reality. The feeling of invasion persists.
Trying to analyze it doesn't help, ignoring it doesn't work either.
All efforts are focused on identifying the intruder.
Meanwhile, probing cold and suspicion grip you even tighter with the edging premonition that escalates playing on your nerves and resurrecting unrecognized fears.
Suddenly you are fully aware of even stranger feeling of something from the past making its own way from the dark corners of p…


There is
no tomorrow
is happening
With every minute
passing away
to never return
It's here
and everything
that will ever be
It's all here
In a glass
On a palm
of the hand
Time sliding
Everything else
Is happening
This very moment