There is this moment in life that comes on occasion like a wondering comet. You may or may not notice its approach, you might only catch the glimpse of its tail. It's not always clear what it means but it certainly brings an incredible change. Things are never going to be the same.
It's a given.
You may miss it being engrossed in million other things life keeps throwing your way when all you really want is a year long vacation. This rush makes you deaf and blind to the world outside the immediate spec. And it's nothing worse than opportunity passing you by just because you didn't hear the knocking. Too tired to react in timely manner, too preoccupied with things that won't matter in a larger scheme but still require to be done.
There's an incredibly strange feeling that something is racking your world from inside, burrowing tunnels through your sleepy consciousness,  lighting the fire and starting another major reconstruction. You can be a willing participant or just an observer, or could simply let the tide carry you along. Choice is yours.
At times like these even navigating yourself is difficult. Something is happening every day, in unknown direction to the unclear purpose, without stopping by to explain.
Go with the flow is the only alternative that makes sense.
With the eyes clinging to the familiar images, noticing new isn't easy.
Scary shadowy figures don't mean much at times like this.


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