You wake up in the middle of the night from a sudden jolt.
Struggling to recognize the surroundings and assess the danger you realize it's quiet and peaceful with deem lights and usual little noises of the night.
Until the new jolt. And the frightening truth is that it comes from within.
Something sinister is creeping quietly into your soul looking for shadows to hide. Like a cold snake sneaking away under the stone. The touch of a slippery cold being climbing in is incredibly real or it just seems so in a twilight of dream and reality. The feeling of invasion persists.
Trying to analyze it doesn't help, ignoring it doesn't work either.
All efforts are focused on identifying the intruder.
Meanwhile, probing cold and suspicion grip you even tighter with the edging premonition that escalates playing on your nerves and resurrecting unrecognized fears.
Suddenly you are fully aware of even stranger feeling of something from the past making its own way from the dark corners of previous existence.
Like something or someone is watching you from within violating your inner most private self.
Summoning all common sense, you try to look back at recent images, chaotically flipping mental pages, looking for any hint that might help understand what's happening.
The pressing need to escape this overwhelming sense of foreboding, the desire to run is almost impossible to resist.
The only glitch here is that there's nowhere to run from yourself.
Trickles of uncertainty are slowly moving towards the surface.
Taking cautious steps you try to follow the lead determined to have a glimpse of what's lurking in the shadows. Illusive to the eyes it sneaks away and continues to haunt, unapproachable and unexplained.
You can't find any meaning or connections. The only remaining choice is waiting it out. You cautiously close your eyes and prepare yourself for a long night, focusing every effort on one task...until complete exhaustion overwhelms you.

And then there's a sunshine bursting from the outside, sweeping away every dark spot on its way. Nothing can withstand the power of the light, not even darkest of moments that are trying to taint your existence


  1. Maybe it's all just due to a Vit. D deficit ? :) -- The sunlight has been damned to dangerous zone during the past 20 years, but yet it is actually THE light of life !!! - If you feel a constant bad/shadowed mood...always make sure to get enough light coz that is the natural way to get enough of that very important shuttle Vitamin. I'm not a prophet, but I guess that about 80 % of the young "night awls" do have a deficit there or will have one. :p ...
    /cheers Rainer

  2. Right to the point I see. Lol
    Fortunately, plenty of sunny days here even in winter.
    Looking for the deeper connection.

  3. hehe..the problem is not the number of sunny days, but more the time you spend in the light. Ofcourse the time in trains, offices and wraped in clothes does NOT count as sunbath..*giggles*. On top of that, the body becomes less efficient with its ability of photosythesis when ya gettn older. :p --- Oh and OFCOURSE you are right, there is actually a MUCH deeper sence here. The said is just one tiny part of seeing the science in the magic (+vice versa), which appears when the sun bursts the shadows of our thoughts. -- start to know me meanwhile, eh ???? :D


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