A walk in time

Is it possible to have a nostalgia for times you haven't lived in or being too young to remember?.. Why is it then your heart aches a little at every appearance of certain scenes or sounds of music tune?.. Memories of the past that aren't even yours. How is it even possible to relate this much?.. Is it something imprinted in your genes...
Once in a while you long to return there, walk the streets, smell the air, feel the vibe, see people at the peak of their youth... A surreal time travel where anything is possible in an excitement of anticipation.
Stepping in, finding your way around, siting in a small cafe on a warm summer afternoon and watching people go about their business, all the while knowing you are just a guest, a visitor, an occasional passerby and roads are open to you in any direction.
Walking familiar streets and seeing them in a different light.
Listening to an old song in its first release. Watching a movie though knowing the ending and still be surprised. Enjoying freedom of coming and going at any given time.
Being sad when it's time to leave, being hopeful about returning, again, some day when present is too overwhelming to handle and you need safer and sounder place to exist even if for a fraction of the moment.


  1. A poet said that we can have nostalgic for
    something we never had. Maybe because our mind can travel for places wher er neve go. Know peploe tha twe neve met. Maybe because we alwyas changing and changing ourselves we could face our world in anew perpective.

    I don't know. But i know that when i arrived in Istanbul for the first time i feel like to return home. A place where my soul feels free and my happines became real.

    And Liudmila, beautiful as usual... Perfect...

  2. Like dejavu! I like this place (-: I need a map to find it, though.

  3. I visited where I now live when I was twelve and knew I would be here again. Married, had a baby and we moved here for his work.... Traveled to one spot in Germany I knew I had seen before, went back on business trip w/hubby, felt connected again, and when I put a foot into Scotland, I know I am home. Have we traveled through previous lives? Yes, I believe it has been proven to me. And now you.

  4. Thank you guys! I'm glad so many people can relate. Our souls travel long distance and memories never completely leave us.

  5. Life is driven by 'impulses', some people listen, but only a few are willing to follow them. Following means to accept that consciousness is more than just a chemical equation. Looking back on the chosen path one can even get the impression that things must have already been written, before they happen. Feeling save is a gift that we should enjoy, coz we never know how long it lasts.


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