Nowhere to run
World's too small
Time - short
Out of breath
Behind stars


  1. So true. When fear mixes with hope 1:1, a stunning silence is the result.

  2. Grave uncertainty
    Life review, moved
    See afresh
    What really counts
    Realign, re-connect
    Hard work, emotional
    Relax and clarity

  3. Windmills of time are slicing life in half - before and after.

  4. I would like very much that people in Japan fight to ask informations about the workers at Fukushima plant. They shouldn't die unknown, anonymous and ignored, like they did in Tchernobyl. They deserve all kind of help, including medical support, and it seems to me they are left so terribly lonely. Also shoud the japanese gouvernment be forced to start right now a campaign to follow the health effects on all the populations around the plant, and this for 30 years. If not, the sanitary effects of the nuclear crisis will never be documented, the sufferings of people will be ignored, and the nuclear industry all over the world will continue to present itself as "safe"; if you can do something for that in Japan please do it. All my thoughts are with you and the people, not the mighty, in your country.

  5. Things have reached the point of no return. There's a lot to be answered for.
    I agree. People must speak up.


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