Evasive tomorrow

Life won't ever be the same from this day forth. 
No matter how far we'll go without looking back. It's not even over yet. The crashing change that makes you see the darker side once again when you thought these times are far behind.
You can't turn your back yet. It lingers in the shadows with uncertain promises and cold reality freezing your mind that races endlessly from the point to point in time - back and forth - from before to after.
 'The way it used to be' isn't happening, it's long gone, left behind the rubble of the past to only be revisited in memories.
 Pain and sorrow haven't yet sunk in deep enough. 
It'll all come later, the true realization of the scale of this loss, 
it'll take your breath away, filling the heart with unbearable struggle 
to answer one crucial question - Why?
Like fragile steps on the sand washed away with an afternoon tide, 
life itself seems so small and insignificant. 
Evening sun on an empty shore in cautious silence, no one is around, 
all vanished...


  1. I just read both entries on your blog. You have tremandous skill to articulate your feelings so nicely. I could identify with the pathos and emptiness hidden in every line. It touches heart. While reading "Evasive tomorrow", I got goosebumps all over me. Thank you for sharing your creativity with me. All the best in your creative endeavours.
    Twitter Handle: hope_tree2010

  2. Thank you for your kind remarks. It's nice to speak to people who are willing to listen and understand.

  3. *nods* Sometimes the greed of a few, brings doom to many. - The answer to the burning question "why ?" will probably always be beyond our horizon.

  4. It feels like someone is testing us.


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