March 15, 2011, Tokyo

In the pitch of night, speeding further away
Blurry images melt and merge
To create an elaborate patchwork and stay
Long after they seize to surge

Chasing crazy wind, on the edge of nerves
Exhausted with dangerous path
With uncertain dreams of the times to come 
Where the day at a time is enough


  1. Very fitting for this particular point in time Kirisha..this really says it all!

  2. I did not know that you are a "blogger", but I knew that there is a poet in you ! You brought it to the point.

  3. Thank you to the both of your for the appreciation and kind words.

  4. We can only imagine your exhaustion and bone-deep worry. I hope your time for dreams returns soon. You have such a history fo finding beauty,it must pain you so much for it to be hidden right now.

  5. That last comment is from me--Arlene Radasky. Geesh..... LOL

  6. You read my mind, Arlene.
    Thank you


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