You are walking in my steps, ahead of me every time. 
Before my longing to be there is turning into reality, with all the anticipation and planning, the moment passes me, snatched away, reminding that I missed you one more time, chances flying around, melting in the air.

Parallel worlds exist. We have been walking the same city streets in various parts of the world, at times too close for a chance meeting, not knowing the meaning of it, if there was any. Almost but not happening, teasing and luring with what ifs.

You opened my eyes on things that'd remained illusive like yourself. 
I'm wandering in my life and in my dreams. 
World is just a TV screen and I'm willingly switching channels looking for you, in a hope that one day the timing will be perfect and I'll smile at nailing the chance to the ground, keeping this colorful butterfly in my hand to whatever end. 


  1. Well, if a cosmic force is an illusion, so would be destiny. YET, I've seen so many weird things happen...there have been so many things even in science that turned upside down, although it was nailed in stone before. So, maybe the true illusion is that we do walk our path for no reason than accidently being.

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