When exquisite beauty enters your life it shatters everything around. 
You find yourself in front of it mesmerized and lost.
The world suddenly falls into shadows.
Frozen in your footsteps you search for answers in the strange perfection that came to be from all the improbable lines merging.
It only exists for a brief moment  but is branded on your memory long after it's gone.
Deliciously bewitching, it clouds the reasoning and pushes aside seemingly irrelevant, taking all the space in your heart and soul. 
You fall into a fantasy that feeds and eats at you, splashing fireworks and dragging through the strongest current of emotions you'll ever experience.
With stars falling all around, your eyes are fixed on the sky even if you can't move anymore, or wish, or stay.
The least of all you'd want to walk away.
Beauty is a powerful addiction that follows you around reminding of itself in every stroke, sound or shadow.
Nothing is ever going to be the same and not you.

The incurable longing for unreachable, out of this world and still a part of it, if only in hopes and dreams that cradle at night waving away the dark.


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