Passing youth is knocking on the door with loud insistence of speeding express, with familiar tunes, flashing memories and all the energy it can summon.
The hurricane is here, door opens and I am swept away.
It's surreal and touching.
Still, I am standing behind the glass, watching and listening, unable to enter. One careless movement and it all will disappear, swallowed by the time ripples.
Experience is breathtaking and excruciating.
The vibe is so overwhelming that suddenly you are at loss which reality matters more.
Current surroundings are just a dream... Has it all been just a dream when your heart is racing, aching for reunion with the past with desperate intensity of a last chance, slipping away into another time pocket.
When the wind rattles your whole being and inevitable storm is raging around, life behind the glass is all that matters and counts...
Brighter than the stars, memories are cutting through the time and space, setting you free to spin in the wind.
And for a moment I am lost in the middle of speeding away turbulent current, clueless and directionless, like coming from the deep sleep and not knowing who I am.
Begging not to be left behind, trying to catch the ride on the last boat.
Just let me glide through the storm one more time.
Let me inside, in the room full of lights.
Let me live and breathe inside the time capsule bound to roll away into eternity...


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