Living is being in and out of love with someone or something. Rising to the heights and falling into abysses and putting yourself together in all new places and times readying for another ride on a crazy roller-coaster with all the promises of thrill and heartbreak, tingling butterfly wings in your throat and rains of sorrow wiping everything on its way just to let new grass appear again and again in the endless chain of events that form and shape very inner being leaving you with all the creases and scars of old dramas, unresolved issues and undying hopes piled in the immaculate line of events that will mold you day after day, year after year, ever surprising when it happens, taking by storm that comes with downpour from the most unexpected places and refuses to leave until you are finished satisfying this hungry need to peel the surface, layer by layer in a desperate attempt to make some kind of sense out of this universal game, until the mind is so exhausted in the treacherous run with edgy feelings that overwhelm and challenge every perception forcing to transform yourself into something new, readying for another step or stage in this tiring but never dull marathon we call life


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