Let me dream about what might've been, in one of other lives, maybe, with circumstances in sinc, with time and place irrelevant, drifting in and out, enjoying the glimpses of 'what if' and living through it with the sharpness of the clear day with all colors and sounds mixing up, filled with emotional upheaval that comes down like an avalanche but instead of burring you underneath lets you soar as high as you can see, when catching your breath looking down is so exhilarating like nothing you've ever experienced and then plunge into the rainbow of feeling you never knew existed, were possible or even had names, with tidal wave carrying you further away in this marvelous ride devoid of any immediate concerns, so precarious and so liberating with all the euphoric undertones and forgotten worries, with sweet aching and longing to continue this race, burning candle at both ends until it lasts, deep down knowing it won't and still wishing for the miracle.


  1. Let your mind fly and feel its borderless nature...is something that everyone should do from time to time. It adds the wings of surreal freedom to our lifes, which sometimes opens the eyes for a new, but very real way to look at "reality" as such.

  2. *giggles* Nooooo...it's not wise. It's a simple experience and if my wife would read the word "wise" connected to what I say, it would make her laugh...a LOT ! It took her many many years, but today she's totally convinced, that I'll never grow up. :D :D -- But as we are there..what's 'wisdom' in your eyes ? Maybe stuff for another "literary escape" ??


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