If from the darkness comes the light how much light can years of darkness create...
Can there be light at all in the edge of the darkest darkness?
Is it possible or it's just another carrot luring you to keep walking when the only sane choice is to officially give up...
Light might be just a fiction, unattainable dream like everything else that never come to be.
Why endless run along shabby hallways with turns and slippery surface underneath, with muffled voices ahead, with dying away sounds and ever reliving itself days.
Light is just an illusion of hope  professing to be around one of these corners.
It won't happen no matter how much you try to deceive yourself in order to carry on this charade called life.
One day there comes a realization - beginning and end are connected in one giant circle that doesn't allow to step out, leave, or vanish. There's no direction, dreams are fiction, efforts futile.
Time doesn't exist, it never did.
I don't exist, it's just a reflection of a movement on one of the walls of universal prison.


  1. As usual a nice read !! Thanks for sharing.
    Isn't it funny, that people are pretty used to words like "light" and "energy", but depending on whom you talk to, the meaning varies between particles, waves dualism or emotional moments and memories. ;) Yet, there are moments where a single candle light can mean the difference between hope and despair for everyone. /cheers Rainer

  2. Seems a little depressing. But, then that just may be because I am a little depressed. The domestic and global situation seems tenuous at best with little "light" at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Thank you for the comments. I was a little under the weather when I wrote it.

  4. Sometimes it's necessary to look in the abyss to see the light.


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