I am giving up on people.
I'm giving up on trust and expectations. 
I'm giving up on irrelevant days, things and events. 
Time is precious.
People unreliable like weather.
In the end you are the only one you can truly trust. 
That's all that counts. 
No expectations - no disappointments, 
no trust - no deception.
As simple as that.
Clean and detached.
Attachments create dependency, disfunction, desperation and hopeless circle. 
Freedom is everything.
Without it life isn't worth living.
Freedom, purpose, clarity of mind - all you need to move forward with dignity and self worth. 
Emotional clutter aside.
Distractive attachments aside.
Past and present aside.
They don't matter.  
Future does.
The only thing that does 
even if you only catch a glimpse of it gliding on the edge of the horizon.


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