On my toes

Writing keeps hunting me down. At home, on the go, in my sleep. It pulls my sleeve, it wakes me up in the middle of the night, half asleep, half aware.
It pushes me around like a dilligent boss that won't stop until the work is done.
I am looking for an excuse why not and can't find any. 
I've been in hibernation for too long. The powerful wave is coming and sweeping everything on it's way. I'm holding on to my notepad (or should I say Ipad?) as a lifebuoy to help me swim to safety, sanity, serenity...
And I am spinning and spinning in this roaring water, knocking on the stones along the way, going down with the glassy wall on a waterfall ride, resurfacing just to breathe and trying to keep my head above as much as it's possible. 
Gripping cold, insane speed, exhilaration it brings, slamming into your face wind, the heart almost out of beat ... 
And then it's slowing down, slower, slower. The work is done and I am free. For a little while.
Good night all.


  1. What a beautiful way to express oneself, somewhere between poetry and prose,
    It is lovely there *smile*


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