Sometimes I get tired of formulating my thoughts, to others and to myself. Words are crowding in my head, talking louder and louder, until the noise becomes excruciating.
That's when I start dreaming of the oblivion, just going with a flow, without so much as considering what my next step would be. Not knowing - what a liberating concept. Moving on, taking things in as they are. I'd become an observer of life instead of running it's marathon. 
Get off the lane, sit on the grass and watch days go by until it doesn't thrill you anymore. I am a realist and know it wouldn't last. But at this very moment it feels like a bliss. Slowing down to a complete stop, listening to the silence, operating on a completely different dimensional level. Even breathing slower would be quite an adventure.
Seeing life stroll by, detached, relaxed, devoid of all worries. 
I might notice things that are usually a blur. I might need time to process them, write or just stare. What would that be like? Unexplored terrain of simplicity without yesterdays or tomorrows, where Today rules the day. 
Everything else is erased, cushioned, descended into a fog...
Colors, sounds, smells, touch. 
A dream in a dream, the kind that leaves a soft, cosy feeling you cherish in a first few seconds of waking up. 
If only it could last.


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