Over the horizon

Slowly suffocating reality with all the freshly built roadblocks, limiting movements and directions, creating chaos and uncertainty. Who wants that? 

Yearning to see above and beyond the horizon, to explore the unlimited space is building up like a pressure that must be released. 
Are we the prisoners of circumstances or just of our own selves with all the fears and doubts clouding judgement, impairing decision making, stifling hopes and dreams that seem so unreachable but also incredibly important and meaningful not to pursue them against all odds, without looking back...

Who knows what is what and what should or shouldn't be. 
One thing is crystal clear - giving up is not an option.
The voice inside won't be silenced as killing it would only mean the death of self, final breaking point beyond which life would be just a mechanical repetition of expected motions, senseless in itself however precisely correct they may be.

The need to be truly alive is what draws us to go distance, searching for something that's only ours, keeping hope in all the dark hours that light is still out there even if we can't see it, not yet and at times not ever.
Something beyond the immediate and routine, something bigger and brighter and with the meaning beyond easy reach, just one step over the horizon.


  1. Many people follow the motto: "LIVE NOW" - Sure, but ignoring the past would make us make the same mistakes again and again, leading into a circle which actually influences the present as well as the future, which will be the past of tomorrow. So if we look at the horizon we look in the mirror of our whole life ! ;) /cheers Rainer


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