The day

Lazy summer day...
In town it's too hot, movements are restricted. The sun above is in charge until it sets and cool breeze brings a refreshing relief.
August days are long, there's no hurry, no purpose. Going with the flow however slow is the motto. Icy drinks, tons and tons of ice-cream and murmuring fan...
When you summon all your courage and venture outside in search of green there's always a reward ahead. Under the trees is another world and soft grass tickles feet taking the pains of long walk away, invigorating with new energy.
Distant landscape luring further... The midday sun is starring from above blurring the lines, lulling into a sleep with sounds softening and fading away... shhh
You fall into a dream of flowers, sky and distant lake with promised cool water where you can immerse yourself and let go of heat... Water..., so cool and refreshing, so delicate in texture, streaming away...
Your eyes are suddenly open and you realize that it's starting to rain, drops are landing randomly at first and then more deliberate and in unison. Short run for the cover and an afternoon shower is landing like an alien ship catching everyone completely unaware. 
For a moment it's just a wall of water and world around is just a refraction. It's like looking in a long corridor of mirrors in search of the ultimate end.
The clouds are gathering and slowly drifting away taking rain to a new place. The sound of running water is replaced again with birds songs and insects buzzing. The air is so fresh and full with summer smells, the washed colors are brighter, the sky is deeper, and amazing clarity is back. 
The sun is sliding further down softening the heat. 
The day is gone through you and is disappearing as we speak to be back again tomorrow to challenge and surprise


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