When razor-sharp, double-edged words honestly tear at the fabric of the reality how to protect yourself from inflicted hurt and still  be able to speak out regardless of the fact of who and how many are willing to listen, agree, understand or not. How to withstand the backlash of anger from those who find ideas challenging the imaginary safety of their world so threatening that they are ready to preserve it at all costs, defying the reality check and loosing sanity in the process by holding on to the notion of being secure just by strapping themselves to the illogically outdated and outright blind trust of the past experiences twisted in the deceptive light of nostalgia. Those who don't dear to look at the Big picture for what it really is, untarnished by wishful thinking, existing despite all their hopes, fears, and denials will finally need to learn to face it, deal with it as it comes, in all of unexpected colors, and make it their own by being there to shape it up every single day 


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