Caught in the rain

Sudden rain landed on our busy city heads. Weather forecast was taken by surprise yet again. Forget the picturesque stories on TV and weather satellites. They all must've been asleep when it happened and are feeling a touch disoriented.
People are running back and forth in genuine panic. Only 'chosen' few have umbrellas they kept in a sad, distrustful anticipation or bought in a hurry in a convenience store. And I am one of the chosen with the neat little umbrella in my bag.
Shoes on the other hand, can't benefit from it. They are new, shiny, posh and extremely worried. It's their second day outside, in a real world. Suddenly they start feeling shoeshopsick for the cosy box on a warm, dry shelf. Life outside is tough and unpredictable. Who knows what will happen next.
Maybe that drunken guy will step on them. He's so dangerously close and rather unstable. Or the woman who insists on letting her umbrella drip on other's footwear.
And... Oh, my god, school kids are coming running. Quick, hide under the seat. It almost feels like a near miss.
Too much excitement.
Just a little longer.
Final stop, running out of the train, escalator, ticket gate, short desperate run to the taxi...
I am going to take you home.


  1. Very fun and would lend itself well to being turned into video with a series of wet shoe scenes! Happy Thanksgiving.


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